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1. What are your cancellation policies?  Is my deposit refundable?
We ask that you let us know as soon as possible if you wish to cancel or change your tour day.
We refund your deposit 100% with 24 hour notice. We realize this is not always possible, so we try to accommodate you as best we can. If the van is already in service to pick you up, we are not able to refund your deposit.
2. What if the weather is bad?  Can I change my day?
We do our tours, even with some rain. If there is lightning, we do not go in the water until the storm has passed.
Keep in mind, that it may be raining at your resort, but not in Tulum where we are located.
If you see the forecast to be unfavorable, you have the option to change your day if you prefer. We would need to know the day before the tour to make other arrangements for you.
3. Is this a good tour for small children?
We take out families with small children all the time!  If your children like the water- they generally do well on our tours.
We have float suits and other float aids for them. If they are very young, you may need to take turns watching them.
Our guides are very good with children and will help any way they can. Depending on the age of your children, we may ask you to book a private tour- to give you the flexibility you may need. We do not charge for children under 5, so this helps off-set the private tour fee.
The Zipline tour is not recommended for children under 5.  We do not have tandem available.  Someone would need to sit out this activity to stay with the child. They would wait while the others do the zipline course, and then catch up where they are rock climbing and rappelling to continue on with the group at the cenotes.
4. Will our things be safe while we are in the water?
Your things are locked in the vehicles when you are in the water, and your driver will stay with the van, while your guide is with you for the activities.
We are very conscientious of your belongings, but please be careful to keep things out of sight/in your bags when you are out of the vehicle. We have a bag with lock available if you would feel more secure with you things on the van as well.
5. Do we need wet suits?  Life jackets?
We have wet suits available, no extra charge.
The cenote water is 75 degrees. Refreshing in the summer months! We recommend them for children and for anyone who gets cold easily.
Life jackets are required.
6. How long is the tour?
The time for the tour depends on which activities you choose and travel time from your hotel.
Playa del Carmen is 45 minutes from Tulum where our tour shop is located.
Cancun is 1 1/2 to 2 hours from Tulum (depending on hotel location and traffic)
Here is a list of activities with general times.  Keep in mind that there is some travel time between snorkel locations.
Ruins of Tulum  1 ½ hour
Zipline Activities  4½ hours (ATV ride, Ziplines/bridges, rock climb/rappel, cenotes, lunch)
Cenotes- (with snorkel tour) 2 hours
Lunch break  1/2 hour
Snorkel Turtles 1 ½ hour
Snorkel lagoon 1 hour
7. What if not everyone in our party want to do the zipline?
If some do not want to zipline- we can adjust their tour fee, but would keep the group together for their tour/party.
They would wait while the others do the zipline course, and then catch up where they are rock climbing and rappelling to continue on with the group at the cenotes.
8. What if we have elders or some in our party that don’t want to participate in the water activities?
They are welcome to come along to be with the family/group.
They would pay a discounted rate, that would basically cover transportation, and entrance fees to the places we go.
9. Can we pay the full amount through PayPal?
We prefer only the deposits through PayPal.
10. Can I pay with a credit card the day of the tour?
Yes, we have credit card availability at our shop for VISA or MASTERCARD.
There are also ATMs available, if you would need one. We prefer US dollars or Mexican Pesos.
Mexican Pesos exchange rate determined on the day of the tour- as that of the local bank.
11.  Where do I find biodegradable sunscreen?
Sunblock has to be ecologically safe/ biodegradable for the cenotes, bay of turtles/reef, and lagoon.
Ingredients that are allowed are titanium dioxide and/or zinc oxide. You may find them at a health food store- or online.
We have this available at our tour shop for $10. which if basically at cost, just so you can have it if needed. You can also wear a swim shirt or dark t-shirt to be even more eco-friendly!
12.  What is the weight limit for the zipline?  Can my child go tandem?
#250 lbs or 115 kilograms is the weight limit we have set.  Although the lines can support 1,000 lbs., the landing platforms are designed for this weight, as well as the harnesses.  If you are of athletic build and able to pull up your legs, and the harness fits, the park manager will determine if you would be able to go. Max weight is 270.  Our main concern is for your safety.
We do not have tandem available, again- for safety reasons.